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Devil's Swamp Mitigation Bank

Bay & Walton Counties, Florida

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ERC has managed the Devil’s Swamp Mitigation Bank and has modified and improved the mitigation bank instrument.

Ditches, roads, and silvicultural activities had altered the hydrology and generally affected the ecology of the site.

Historic 1949 aerials suggest a landscape dominated by wet savanna, seepage slopes, cypress swamps, longleaf pine flatwoods, longleaf pine-xeric oaks or sandhills, mesic pine flatwoods, and hydric pine flatwoods.

Management of the site was divided into three phases to facilitate restoration activities.

The project included restoration planning and design, supervision of restoration activities, monitoring and reporting, and adaptive management.

  • Project Highlights

    The St. Joe Company

    Bay & Walton Counties, Florida

    Project Size:
    3,049 (+/-) Acres

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Restoration Planning & Design
      • success criteria
      • restoration methodology
      • prescribed burns
      • mechanical treatments
      • seeding
      • invasive species ID / management
    • Semi-Annual Monitoring
    • Monitoring Reports
    • Coordination of Monitoring Activities & Reports with Jurisdictional Agencies (FDEP, ACOE, EPA, USFWS)