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Sunrise Marina Permitting

Okaloosa County, Florida

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ERC acted as agent to obtain a modified sovereign submerged lands lease and FDEP and Corps permits for a 147-slip marina expansion associated with an upland commercial development, consisting of retail and office space, a dry storage facility.

To facilitate the modification of the lease and permit, ERC conducted a site analysis focusing on shoreline habitats and submerged aquatic vegetation within the area of the proposed marina.

ERC coordinated with the development team and the hydrographics team to assist with the planning and design of the marina to meet the requirements of the regulatory agencies and to assist with presentation of the project to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Board of Directors.

ERC also assisted in the process to obtain designation from the FDEP as a “Clean Marina”, and has developed an oil spill contingency plan for the marina management and staff.

ERC also provided information to the National Marine Fisheries Service to facilitate review for impacts to Gulf Sturgeon habitat.

  • Project Highlights

    Premier of Fort Walton, LLC

    Okaloosa County,

    Project Size:
    147-slip marina

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Shoreline & Submerged Habitat Analysis
    • Bathymetric Study
    • Sovereign Submerged Lands Lease & Marina Permitting
    • GIS Analysis
    • Planning & Coordination with Development Team and Hydrographics Team
    • Clean Marina Designation