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North Caicos Yacht Club

North Caicos, British West Indies

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ERC identified, evaluated, and mapped the wetlands, habitats, submerged resources, and listed species to facilitate the design and permitting process of the marina, commercial areas and residential development.

ERC conducted a wetland delineation, habitat analysis, submerged resources survey and listed species survey on this project site.

ERC conducted the habitat analysis for the coral reef, mangroves, intertidal zone, wetlands, and uplands.

ERC prepared maps, interpreted data and a presented the proposed project for the clients and regulatory authorities in North Caicos.

  • Project Highlights

    Dale Piergiovanni

    North Caicos,
    British West Indies

    Project Size:
    160 (+/-) Acres

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Wetland Delineation
    • Listed Species Survey
    • Habitat Analysis
    • Submerged Resources