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Savanah River TES survey

US Forest Service - Savannah River, South Carolina

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ERC botanists and ecologists performed a threatened and endangered species (TES) survey and a sensitive habitat analysis on 120 forestry stands totaling 2,950 acres at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site.

After reviewing aerials of the stands, ERC conducted exhaustive field surveys to identify and state or federally threatened and/or endangered plant species.

ERC developed the field monitoring protocol which entailed walking transects spaced equidistant from one another to cover at least 70% of each stand.

If a TES was located, a specific vicinity area was searched in greater detail to determine the number of individuals present. Each occurrence of a TES species was documented on a TES/NNIS plant element occurrence-Field Form USDA.

The forms are required to document species occurrences in the database at the Savannah River Site. Following the field surveys, ERC prepared a final report documenting the findings from the surveys with each of the field forms.

The information is used by the Department of Energy and the US Forest Service to plan for site preparation, prescribed fires, and future silvicultural plantings.

  • Project Highlights

    U.S. Forest Service - Savannah River Site

    Aiken, Allendale, & Barnwell Counties
    South Carolina

    Project Size:
    2,950 acres

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Coordination with US Forest Service
    • Field Survey
    • Survey Report