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NW FL Water Management District

Northwest Florida

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ERC is providing ongoing mitigation management, monitoring and reporting for lands owned by the district.

The Dutex Restoration site and the Yellow River Ranch site were acquired by the NWFWMD and are being restored to provide mitigation to offset current and future Florida Department of Transportation projects. The mitigation sites have undergone canopy reduction to allow more light to reach the groundcover wet prairie/grassland vegetation and prescribed burns were used to promote flowering and fruiting of native groundcover species.

ERC has conducted exotic grass and nuisance shrub eradication with targeted use of herbicide at Sandhill Lakes Mitigation Bank to meet permit compliance and to protect the sandhill community that is being restored.

ERC has conducted nuisance shrub eradication with targeted use of herbicide at the Perdido River site to meet permit requirements and reduce competition for hardwood saplings that were planted in the forested wetland.

ERC also collected wet prairie/grassland seeds at Garcon Point. The seeds were stored in a cool, dry space to prevent fungal pathogens. The seeds were used for contract plant propagation for other District Lands.

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    Northwest Florida Water Management District

    Northwest Florida

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