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ECP Airport Accidental Sediment Discharge Remediation

Bay County, Florida

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ERC evaluated and mapped the extent and ecosystem impact of accidental sediment discharge from a major airport construction site to adjacent wetlands in Bay County, Florida.

The project included identifying areas of sediment discharge, determination of discharge causes, mapping thickness of sediment discharged in adjacent wetlands, depicting extent of sediment discharge on GIS maps, and analyzing physical properties of the discharged sediment.

Data collected from this investigation was compiled into a presentation for the Panama City — Bay County Airport Authority.

The results were also submitted to the regulatory agencies who requested the sediment impact assessment for compliance determination.

ERC authored a remediation plan that allowed for compliance with a state Consent Order and federal permit modification.

ERC implemented the remediation plan to restore onsite impacted habitats and later measurements allowed for release of the site.

  • Project Highlights

    Panama City—Bay County Airport Authority

    Project Size:
    4500 million (+/-) acres

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Sediment Discharge Survey
    • Analysis of Sediment Discharge Causes
    • Measurement & Mapping of Sediment Discharge Thickness
    • Investigation of Discharged Sediment Properties
    • GIS Mapping
    • Sediment Discharge Report & Presentation
    • Coordination with Regulatory Agencies