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Mosaic Area-Wide EIS

Central Florida

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ERC provided detailed industry rebuttal for soils and wetland sections of court ordered independent area wide environmental impact statement (AEIS) for the region known as the Central Florida Phosphate District (CFPD).

The CFPD and study area encompasses 1.32 million acres in 6 Florida counties.

ERC corrected AEIS conclusions based upon erroneous digital soil survey data and incorrect assessments of published data.

ERC challenged use of National Wetland Inventory and Soil Survey data to estimate percentage of wetlands in un-mined areas: habitat determinations based upon soil survey and other data sources; and effectiveness of modern soil reclamation practices including the “sand on top” method developed by Joseph Schuster.

Authors amended the AEIS sections based upon rebuttal.

  • Project Highlights

    IMC Phosphate
    (Mosaic Company)

    Central Florida-
    Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee, Polk, and Sarasota Counties

    Project Size:
    1.32 million (+/-) acres

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Estimation of Soil Hydrologic Parameters Determination
    • Correlation of Soil & Habitat Data
    • Agency & Expert Team Coordination
    • Exhibit Preparation
    • Documentation of Soil Reclamation Practices