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North Glades Telephus Spurge

Bay County, Florida

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ERC initiated management of three protected populations of telephus spurge (Euphorbia telephioides Chapman) in 2004 (existing populations at North Glades and Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank) and 2005 (transplant population at BPMB), as one condition of the FDEP and ACOE regulatory permits for the North Glades Development.

Mitigation for telephus spurge (hereafter ET) includes salvage and transplantation, preservation, management, and monitoring as required by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for impacts to the ET population found in the North Glades site.

Small viable populations were located near the impact site at North Glades and in the Breakfast Point Mitigation Bank in 2004, and baseline monitoring was conducted on these populations in the same year.

In addition, a third transplanted population was salvaged from the impact site and transplanted. The salvaged population was monitored in 2005 and resulted in the first successful transplantation of ET from rhizomes.

Annual monitoring, measurement, and observations for all populations were conducted until the FDEP and ACOE requirements were met.

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    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Restoration Planning & Design
      • success criteria
      • restoration methodology
      • prescribed burns
      • mechanical treatments
      • salvage & transplanting
    • Semi-Annual & Annual Monitoring
    • Monitoring Reports
    • Coordination of Monitoring Activities & reports with Jurisdictional Agencies (FDEP, ACOE, EPA, USFWS)