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Joe Schuster

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Mr. Joseph Schuster is President of ERC and an expert on the soils and landscapes of Florida and the southeastern United States. Mr. Schuster has over 30 years of experience and is an author and co-author of several USDA NRCS soil surveys, publications on the classification of soils and chapters in the Hydric Soils Handbook of Florida.

He has conducted investigations of reclaimed and non-reclaimed mine soils, onsite sewage treatment and disposal system failures, soil erosion, seasonal high water tables and impacts of land use on environmental resources. Mr. Schuster is an expert in the identification and classification of soil morphology specializing in hydric soil morphology.

He utilizes existing soil morphology to predict depths of excavation for wetland creation, and monitors soil morphological changes in created and enhanced wetlands. Mr. Schuster conducts onsite quality assurance/quality control for wetland and hydrologic restoration and enhancement projects, including project planning, design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

Mr. Schuster is a state certified professional soil scientist and instructs soil science curriculum as a member of Florida Environmental Soil Scientists. Because of his expertise in wetland soils, he serves as expert witness and provides professional consultation in wetland interpretation, mapping, wetland mitigation planning, design and implementation.

He is an expert in mapping of hydric soils and wetlands and contributes to GIS analysis, aerial interpretation, mapping and other related geographic services such as topographic and drainage interpretation.