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Carolina Bays Survey

U.S.F.S. - Savannah River, South Carolina

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ERC biologists investigated over sixty Carolina bays on the U.S. Forest Service’s Savannah River Site to confirm status of drainage, disturbance, vegetation, and evidence that the bay/depression is connected directly to surface flowing natural stream.

ERC provided two digital photos for each bay, one looking due north from the bay rim and one looking due east from the bay rim (90 degrees) along axis that equally divide the bay.

In addition to the photos, ERC provided a brief description of the bay vegetation species so that the drainage condition can be more readily determined. With the canopy description, ERC detailed any observation of ground flora wetland characteristic vegetation and its extent from the center of the bay, as well as the obvious presence of water.

The presence/absence of Federally Endangered Pondberry (Lindera melissaefolia) and several other species common in the Savannah River geographic range were also investigated and reported on the provided forms by The Forest Service.

Non-native invasive plant and animal species were also observed and noted where necessary. The Savannah River Site consisted of a large network of man-made drainages systems. ERC biologists identified these structures by description, mapping locations, and digital photographs as well as evidence of active drainage, or inactive drainage (blockages).

  • Project Highlights

    U.S. Forest Service Savannah River Site

    Aiken, Allendale, & Barnwell Counties,
    South Carolina

    Project Size:
    198,000 (+/-) acres

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Coordination with US Forest Service
    • Habitat Identification
    • Plant & Animal Identification
    • Threatened & Endangered Species Survey
    • Soils Analysis
    • Drainage Assessment
    • Field Survey
    • Survey Report