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Seed Collection

Multiple Counties, Florida & Georgia

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ERC biologists regularly collected seeds of representative upland and wetland plant species from appropriately managed habitats on project sites, including Sandhill, Marsh, Mesic Pine Flatwood, Scrub, Hydric Pine Flatwood, Floodplain and Wet Prairie habitats.

The harvested seeds were carefully cleaned and stored to preserve their viability until they are planted on future mitigation sites. ERC ecologists use native seeds to supplement mitigation sites lacking species diversity.


Wet Prairie



Mesic Pine Flatwoods

The seeding created conditions for the successful completion of mitigation success criteria requirements.

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    Multiple Counties,
    Florida & Georgia

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    Various Areas

    ERC's Services Includes:

    • Seed Collection
    • Seed Sorting
    • Seed Identification
    • Seed Cataloging
    • Planting of Seeds