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John Tobe

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Dr. John Tobe is ERC Vice President of Ecological Restoration and serves on the International and Regional Board of the Society for Ecological Restoration. He is a published botanist with articles on ecosystem restoration, floristics, plant taxonomy, and he is an adjunct professor at Florida State University.

Dr. Tobe has international experience, however his an expertise is the restoration of ecosystems within the southeastern part of the United States. He specializes in the restoration of wetland ecosystems within Florida and wetland mitigation banks. Dr. Tobe is an expert in wetland mitigation planning, design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

During his tenure as former administrator of the FDEP Wetland Evaluation and Delineation Section, Dr. Tobe co-authored the Florida Wetland Delineation Manual and Florida Wetland Plants, An Identification Manual.

He is an expert on the FDEP and common law determination of surface waters and wetlands, wetland plants and hydrologic indicators for use in the identification and delineation of wetlands, wetlands evaluations, forensic botany, expert testimony, aerial interpretation, field surveying and mapping.

He has performed biological evaluations related to impacts to wetland and aquatic resources within northwest Florida using the Stream Condition Index and Lake Vegetative Index and assists the FDEP Bureau of Labs in the identification of vegetation used in these studies.

He has participated in aquatic surveys of freshwater mussels and has written and illustrated a key to the ACF freshwater mussels. Dr. Tobe is actively involved with the Society for Ecological Restoration, serving on executive and chapter boards.